Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jigga Who?

I had the opportunity to shoot Jay Z twice..and if I could I would shoot him at all his concerts..lol..He gives you some classic poster shots while on stage to go with outstanding performance..It's sorta hard to shoot Jay Z if your a fan cause you don't know whether to rock to the concert or shoot the show..so it was very hard for me..lol..but I used that to get me hype in the pit..Note to photogs shooting his concert..get a ticket to watch the whole show after you get done shooting!!


Chingy real cool dude from the Lou..Funny story behind this shoot, again we had this shoot for DELUX Magazine we had a really good shoot a week later my house was violated and they took the computer with the pics on it..needless to say I was pissed..but we ended up having another dope shoot..So here are a couple pics from the first and second shoot.

Brit Brit

I did this shoot with DELUX magazine out of St. Louis (http://www.delux-mag.com/). Brit was part of our Dlish series we shoot in a stairway of Art Dimensions art gallery..Brit was very easy to work with and gave some really good looks for us...

Gateway Classic

I had the pleasure to shoot UAPB (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff) at the St. Louis Gateway Classic. And if you don't know about UAPB google it..lol. We won this year..It was our first year back to the classic in a few years..but will also brought Zumunda to the dome (referring to the band) They had the crowd jumping all game.. I look forward to next year!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Soul Man

You might have seen these pics before under a different post but I thought that he should deserve his own post..I shot Anthony Hamilton at the Live Nation Budweiser Superfest at the Verizon Amphitheater. It was a great summer evening to shoot, and a real laid back soulful crowd due to all the great singers that lead before him. My wife was able to meet him with her friend before he went out, she said that he was real cool with all his family there.In the future I would like to do a photo shoot with him(crosses fingers)

El Debarge is back!!!

The same night of the Mary J Blige concert I was fortunate enough to shoot El Debarge. And that boy still got it, from the dance moves to the singing. Without a doubt he rekindled the flames of all his fans in St. Louis. I was able to meet him before the concert at a bowling alley downtown..I was on twitter and he asked if anybody wanted to hang out before the show , so I asked him how about a quick photo shoot..he said come on through..so my wife and I went to the only bowling alley downtown and there he was..real cool guy down to earth..it was a pleasure..

Christmas Special

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bentley Swag

I had the pleasure of meeting this very talented brother at the Missouri Black Expo here in the STL. Everybody knows him for his swag but he starting to dip into some rap. He gave a very good performance at the expo and also promoted his book "Advance Your Swagger"..here are a couple pics..i need to find the other edited ones..lol

Boxing After Dark

HBO graced St. Louis with Boxing After Dark as all eyes were on the main event with Devon Alexander. There were many boxing stars out that night along with the king of promotion Don King. This was my first boxing shoot..I didn't get ringside but hopefully next time I will..

13 Golden Gloves

If you played baseball or even watched the game..I know you know of the National Baseball Hall of Famer, Silver Slugger Award Winner, 13 time Golden Glove Winner, World Series Champion Ozzie Smith. When this assignment came up again I got nervous at first because this was like my childhood superstar when I played baseball..and I was a shortstop. So this was a honor to shoot him..We shot at his restaurant Ozzie's (http://www.ozzies1.com/) 1511 Washington Ave. St. Louis Mo and this shoot was for DELUX Magazine (http://www.delux-mag.com/). So if your ever in St. Louis go check it out..my choice is the ribs!!!

Fall Fashion Shoot for the St. Louis American

I have been working with the number 1 black weekly newspaper in America, The St. Louis American(http://www.stlamerican.com/). They have been showing me so much love on my concert photos when the concerts come to town that they gave me the opportunity to shoot their annual Fall Fashion spread. Talking about knee rattling experience, especially trying to even come close to their head photographer, award winning photographer Wiley Price.umm yea..nervous. But I tried not to show it and the shoot came out great. Just wanna say thanks to Kenya Vaughn, writer extraordinaire for the wonderful opportunity..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Date with Mary J

For those who know me, they know that Mary J Blige is my chick from back in the day(make believe yall)..She had me when she was on that classic cut "All I Need" with Method Man..every since then she has been my sidekick. So when she came to the Fox St. Louis..I was all over it. And let me tell you If I EVER EVER get to do a photo shoot with Mary..I'm gonna have some killer photos of her..after I wake up from passing out..lol..enjoy how I caught my girl in action!!

Drake at the Fox St. Louis

Man so this is the second time I shot Drake in St. Louis and once again he gives a great show. Now for those who have been in the Fox Drake had the first level balcony rocking literally..the balcony was moving like it was going to break off..me personally that was my first time seeing that at the Fox..on that note..this is what I saw..