Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Introduction

Hello and welcome to my Blog..My name is Lawrence Bryant of LB Photography and I have listened to all your request and I finally broke down and created a pleace to show my work other than Facebook and MySpace.

Well I guess you want to know about me and my vision..I am a laid back type of guy and enjoys shooting concerts, parties ,dipping and dabbing in the fashion industry and just have my pics tell a story...but the main thing I enjoy is just real life..things that happen now or what has just happend..If I can capture a moment where it meant something to someone I did my job...but dont listen to me..listen to my pictures cause they will tell a better story..

Lets see what else can I tell ya..And I dont just stick to one thing Ill shoot weddings, kids, shoes, girls , guys what ever..Ill do it..I love tattoos.. I have 13 of them and plan on getting more..I recentley shoot for DELUX Magazine out of St. Louis, MO..and I am going to be published in 2 nation wide tattoo magazines..(really excited about that)..other than that...well you will just have to see my work..or work with me..
Talk to ya Later


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